Ecke/Mitte 23.6.2012 (Flyer)


Klaus Winichner

Frauke Frech (Performance)

Dominic Eggermann



Georg Buchheister "Gravitationsstudie #01" ->
Dirk Holzberg "Population" ->
Katja Kauer
Undine Goldberg

Georg Buchheister

"Catch me Serra if you can"

Jens Keiner ->
Reinhold Gottwald ->

Anke Göhring

Kelly Humphries
Mike Riemel
Rosemary Lee "Coincidence: the sublime in the machine"
Thilo Staudt
Marion Wörle ->
Christopher Fröhlich (i put a speaker in the stove with a song about diggers, it´s very silent, because the diggers are deep under the earth)
Manuel Bonik "Occupy Brunnenstrasse"
Thilo Staudt